We've made a significant overhaul of askgeo.com and have introduced a host of additional information you can get based on a position.

For a limited time, the old servers will be available for already registered users to allow them time to transition to the new servers.

New users are required to use the new API on the new servers (it offers more, so that's what you want regardless).

Ok, let's go to the new site!

I'm using the old API on the old servers - what do I need to do?

You should have received (or will receive soon) an email explaining this transition.


  1. Sign Up for a new account to get your new API credentials.
  2. Switch to the new servers, but stick to the old API by updating the API URL to:


    I.e. the "www" has been replaced by "api". If you're using HTTPS, your new end point is:


    I.e. same as above but with HTTPS. We've moved away from Google AppEngine, so no more "https://askgeoapi.appspot.com".

    This end point is otherwise undocumented and deprecated as of now. It returns results in the same format as the old version, to minimize your transition hassles. Basically you should be able to change a few constants in your code and then be good to go.

  3. Long term, you should switch over to the new API. The formatting of the response has changed slightly to accomodate the additional information that is now available.

Previously Purchased Access

As you will see on the main page, the pricing model has changed. Any purchases made under the old system will be honored unchanged (i.e. if you purchased 1 year of access, you will still get at least 1 year of access).

Future purchases will only be possible under the new model.

Ok, let's go to the new site!